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Hartmann Brothers only accepts solid gold jewelry at a Purity of 14 karats or more and platinum. On the rare occasion Hartmann Brothers will only accept gold at a purity less than 14 karats if and only if it is the original metal on estate jewelry (including silver).

While other companies may receive 500 or more duplicate pieces of a single style and spot check a small percentage of them before sending them out, Hartmann Brothers does not work like that. We sell one-of-a-kind pieces, so every single piece is carefully inspected in our Quality Control Department before leaving our building, assuring that what we ship you is exactly what we sold you

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We do not sell gemstones with treatments that are not accepted by leading industry professional organizations such as the AGTA. Here are some examples of treatments we will not accept:

•Lead glass–filled gemstones to hide imperfections

•Gemstones that have been dyed to enhance color (the only exception is chalcedony)

•Reconstituted stones or composite material such as is frequently used in turquoise

•Corundum and sapphire that are diffusion treated

•Synthetic or man-made gemstones (the only exception are rare estate pieces that might have synthetic stones “of the period” and are small accent stones only)

•Diamonds that are clarity enhanced

•Gemstones that have been surface coated

•All pearls must be of natural color; no dyed colors

•We do not sell synthetic diamonds

•No smoke- or sugar-treated opals

Gemstone triplets; we only sell doublets if both pieces are of natural materials

The Hartmann Promise

Working for you

At Hartmann Brothers, we pride ourselves on our high standards, examining and evaluating the pieces and gems we can show to our customers. Our standards are exceptional and begin with sharing strict and comprehensive guidelines; they continue with a quality inspection of each piece before it leaves our building. That is our promise and commitment to you.

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